St Margaret's Church, Burnage 

Together we aim to: Worship God, Proclaim Jesus, Grow in the Spirit and Serve the World

ABC Adults Babies and Children

Starting Again... October 2021

We Aim To

Offer a safe, happy environment where parents/carers and their children can have lots of fun doing a variety of activities together.

Provide a place for parents/carers to meet and feel welcomed.

What happens at the group?

The Toddler group runs on Fridays between 9.45 and 11.30am, during school term time.

9.45am: Sign in the book and note if it is your child’s birthday.

9.45-11am: Freeplay: baby area, jigsaws, dressing up, ride-ons, climbing frame, books, playdough and a different craft activity each week.

Tea/Coffee for adults and toast for everyone.

11am: Tidy up Time: Parents help the leaders put all the toys away.

11.10am: Juice/Water Time: Parents sit around the baby area, children sit on the mat or on parent/carer’s knee.


Notices and Birthdays: We celebrate children’s birthdays with a cake and present.

Story Time: Leader reads a story to the children.

Song Time: Short nursery rhymes and songs with actions.

11.30am: The Hokey Kokey and finish.

Opening Times and Cost

  • St Margaret's Parish Centre 
  • 9.45-11am 
  • term time 
  • Fridays.

Each Parent/Carer pays per session. The cost is £1.50 per family plus 50p for each non sibling child.