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Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

In these days of credit cards and “buy now pay later” few of us are taught how to handle money, so it’s not surprising that people struggle to control their finances.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national charity, with a network of local support centres, offering a solution and hope to anyone in debt.

CAP have developed a simple money management system, known as the CAP Money Course, that helps individuals gain control of their finances. 

The course is offered locally and involves a 2 hour session each week for just 3 weeks. It’s free and provides a Money Management Pack and an on-line personal budgeting tool. Participants need to attend all three sessions of the course for it to be effective, and will learn basic money skills, how to budget effectively and control spending, and to plan for holidays, Christmas and unexpected costs.

But it’s not just for those who are struggling financially. If the need is simply to make wiser choices about money use, and plan for a brighter financial future, then the CAP course will really help.

CAP Job Club is a free 8 week employ-ability course that provides its members with practical support in moving towards employment. Meeting every Thursday evening, the course is delivered in a friendly and engaging manner, covering areas such as CV writing, interview skills, job search techniques and career guidance. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone is made to feel very welcome and offer free food and refreshments to all participants.

St. Margaret’s Church has qualified CAP Money Coaches who help run the course regularly, so if you’d just like to know more or enrol on a course please contact us using the button below.

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