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IEM: Indian Evangelical Mission

IEM is an inter-denominational mission working in India since 1965, with headquarters in Bangalore and 99 mission fields across India.

Almost 600 missionaries, composed solely of Indians, are working for IEM among some 70 different people groups all over India, amongst tribal groups in towns and villages with very mixed populations

There are also workers in other countries, e.g. Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Philippines, West Asia and Ghana. Missionaries are trained at IEM's own Outreach Training Institute (OTI), and after completion of their training they are sent to work among a people group, to learn their language and live among them fulfilling God’s commission. When a few people respond to the gospel a worship centre is started.

Gradually a church is established and the new believers are taught to minister and to share the gospel with their own people. There are currently around 300 worship groups of which 91 have a church building.

In addition to spreading the gospel and planting new churches, IEM also undertakes bible translations into local languages; provides medical clinics and community health projects in rural areas; and has established hostels for tribal children, providing security and education not previously available.

IEM teams are currently working on Bible translations into 15 different languages: New Testaments of 6 have already been completed, extending IEM’s outreach capability with the gospel.

St Margaret’s Church has a longstanding link with the Indian Evangelical Mission.

Di Currie trained as a doctor in Manchester and worshipped here. Initially going as a missionary doctor in Thailand, she became Medical Officer for IEM when she married Theo Srinivasagam, who later became IEM General Secretary (pictured above). Although now retired, both still support the Mission by lecturing and providing medical advice. They have visited St Margaret’s a number of times over the years.