St Margaret's Church

250 Burnage Lane, Burnage

 Prayer for Burnage

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Prayers for the streets of Burnage

Each week at St Margaret's we pray for our streets and the people who live in them.

Over the course of 2 years we will have prayed for every street in our parish, including yours.

We also have a 'prayer box' on the railings near the Lych gate on Burnage Lane in which you can post a prayer. This box is emptied every week and the prayer requests are added to our regular prayer times each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

January 2019

6 January: Broadhill Road

13 January: Kingsway (west side) those parts of Westcroft Rd. and Southlea Rd. that lie within our parish; Southbank Rd. and Kingsway Cres., Woodbray Ave.

22 January: Briarfield Rd (from the railway line to Kingsway), Northbank Gardens & Burnbray Ave

27 January: Kingsway (west Side) Those parts of Mauldeth Road to Kingswood Road which lie within our parish, including Harwood Rd., (Mosque and B&M)

February 2019

3 February: Kingsway (east side), Grangethorpe Drive to Mauldeth Rd.

10 February: Kingsway (east side) Mauldeth Rd. to Barcicroft Rd, & Ferndale Gdns.

17 February: Acorn Close, Cringle Hall Rd & Ferguson Ct.,

24 February: Devon Ave, Paignton Ave & Hanlith Mews

March 2019

3 March: Brecon Ave, Connaught Ave, Brighton Ave

10 March: Main Ave, East Ave, South Ave.

17 March: North Ave, West Ave., West Place.

24 March: Grangethorpe Drive

31 March: Burnside Dr. & Astor Rd

April 2019

7 April: Burnage Hall Rd

14 April: Hoscar Dr, Orville Dr & Lynton Dr

21 April (Easter Sunday):  Lindsey Rd

28 April: Burnham Drive, Omer Drive & Calverley Ave