Together we aim to: Worship God; Grow in the Spirit; Proclaim Jesus; Serve the World

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Creative Prayer Group

Tom our trainee Ordinand has recently started a Creative Prayer Group at church. Prayer is an amazing opportunity to communicate what is on our hearts, to engage with our faith and to encounter God. The small group meet fortnightly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of a month at 1pm (next meeting May 3rd). After sharing a simple free bowl of soup and bread, they hear some inspiring words and then pray together. This prayer is always expressed creatively using different; media, craft, art, poetry or music.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Calms the Storm

Activity - Wool laid out to create stormy waters. Prayed into these concerns, fears, overwhelming aspects of life and called on God. Reformed wool into straight lines to affirm and assure us of God's peace. We sensed God's blessing and were changed by the prayer time.

Under the Shadow of God's Wing


Activity - Recently reading some verses about God protecting us under the shadow of his wing (Psalm 91.4), the group prayed for the refugee crisis. Using photos, origami boats and feathers those broken boats, tears and fears were offered to God. They pleaded for God’s protection.